Monday, November 3, 2008


I have nothing to show you today. I've been working on pages, but I cannot show them to you until tomorrow and then again on the 10th. One is my recipe challenge and two are for my Creative Team Reveal at ScrapCity!

I thought I would ask you AGAIN to vote for me in yet another contest! I know, I'm horrible, because I'm always asking people to vote for something! Paper Crafts magazine was having a contest to name the new online editor. I suggested "Online Editor Extraordinaire". I personally love the word "extraordinaire", and I use it as often as possible!! So, if you like MY suggestion, can you vote for it? Visit this link between now and Monday, November 3 and vote! (When I took the survey, my suggestion was the last one on the list -- saving the best for last, no doubt!!) It only takes a minute to vote. If you do take the time to vote, thank you VERY much!

Speaking of voting, I sure hope everyone in the U.S. is getting out to vote tomorrow. It's going to be a historic election!

Well, I need to get Princess to the vet. It's time for her yearly checkup. We have more beautiful weather forecasted for today. I can get used to this! I hope you had a great weekend, have a fantastic day, and thanks for stopping by!!


Becky said...

I voted! Good luck! I'm hoping the kids I watch will leave early enough for me to go vote tomorrow. I'd really hate to take a 4 year old, 2-2 year olds and a 3 month old in there! Have fun at the vet. ;)

kathleenh said...

I'll go vote for ya Carol! It will get me revved up for the voting tomorrow. lol.

Chris said...

Popped over and voted for you hun... hope I wasn't too late. Good luck :D
Chris xx

Alexandra said...

I'll vote for ya Carol!!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

wendy said...

I voted for you!...and the US voting :).

I'm excited to see all your reveals :)

The Garage Sale Diva said...

Thanks so much for showing by blog some love! I really appreciate it. I will be voting in the morning, for sure. Now I'm off to check out these links on your blog.

Judy said...

I popped over and voted for you.