Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I absolutely LOVE my Bind It All

Because of my continued obsession with creating, I wanted a machine that I could use to bind together projects, scrapbooks, or journals. After considering my options, I purchased a Bind It All, and I haven't regretted this purchase for a second! What a powerhouse machine! The Bind It All punches the holes and then it squeezes together the O wires that hold the project together. It's just amazing. (Geez, I sound like a commercial! Can I market this opinion?)

This is the very first project that I made. This little journal is literally made from coasters that my husband had in the garage. I covered them with paper, cut pages for the inside, and I put it all together. Adding ribbons to the O wires is just too cute. My youngest daughter now calls this little journal her own.

Here is another project that is made again from coasters that my husband had in the garage. I used a stamp from "Love Matters" on this one. CUTE! Hey, my oldest daughter needed a journal!

Now this part of the post is called "enabling". I made this journal for my friend Jana, and she was then enabled to buy a Bind It All of her own. It's the ugly side of crafting. We enable each other to buy expensive toys. It's not pretty, but it happens! This one was made with the cardboard backing from a pad of paper. Once again, it's just covered with paper, I added a stamp from "Love Matters", some rhinestones, and a Prima Sprite. Ribbon again is added to the O wires.

The "enabling" continues. I made these for Sharon who is my "sister" on the Cricut message board. The large one is made from coasters (thanks again to my husband!), and the small one is made from the backing of a pad of paper. The pages were all made from 4x6 index cards. The large one is 4x4, and the small one is 4x2 (Pretty cool how that worked out! I was able to use one index card to make pages for two books.) I used "Delight In Life" stamps to decorate. Primas, Stickles, and Cuttlebug embossing were also used. I even sewed a zigzag stitch on the large one! Sharon has since purchased a Bind It All. Is it my fault? That's how "enabling" works!

This last book was made when I was scrapping with my friends, Sue and Deb. We get together to create in Sue's studio which is also known as the Diva Den. We are Divas (for so many reasons!) Sue is the Queen Diva! In order to show off my Bind It All, I planned a project for us all to create. We made these cute books in minutes, and Sue and Deb couldn't have been more impressed. These books are perfect for Divas!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed looking at these books. They're fun to look at and very fun to make!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Another quick and easy card!

Hello! I wanted to post another quick and easy card that I made. I'm addicted to many things in this crazy scrapbooking, card making, rubber stamping, and paper crafting world. One of those addictions is Stampin' Up rubber stamps. I just LOVE them, and I have many, many, many sets!

On this card, I stamped the flower and the center of the flower with stamps from the "Love Without End" set. I stamped "Enjoy" using "Everyday Expressions". I added some QuicKutz photo corners to the bottom of the card, a small Prima, and I used Mrs. Grossman polka-dot ribbon (LOVE this ribbon!) The patterned paper is from a Provo Craft Slab. I added some rhinestones to the flower centers on the patterned paper. I love that look because it adds a little "bling" to the card.

I sent this card to my "sister" Sharon from the Cricut message board. In fact, I have to give a special THANK YOU to her, because she took this photograph of her card. Thanks Sharon! In fact, the photograph from yesterday's post is from Sharon too. (Her digital images are much more vivid than my camera phone images.)

So, what do you think of this card? It's another easy card, but I love the colors, and I love the stamped images.

Before I say goodbye today, and I want to wish my girlfriend Jennifer a very Happy Birthday today! Have a GREAT day Jen!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A quick and easy card

I love to create cards. I haven't purchased a card from a store in a LONG time. Making a card for someone allows me to make it personal and it allows me to be as creative as I want to be.
This card was so easy to make, and yet it seems so fun and summery to me. I got the pink flower border ribbon from my friend Jana. I LOVE that flower ribbon! I sent this card to my not-so-secret-sister Sharon from the Cricut message board. She really liked it! I used $1 acrylic stamps that I got from Michaels, and I used Stickles in the centers of all of the flowers. Stickles add that perfect touch of "bling" to my creations. So, what do you think? Do you create cards? If you do, what do you like best about creating? Talk soon!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My First Post! (Can you feel the excitement in the air?)

Hello, my name is Carol, and I'm addicted to blogs. When did this happen? It's hard to say for sure. All I know is that I read certain blogs every single day. Those blogs lead me to other blogs, and so on and so on. I plan on spending five minutes in front of the computer, and before I know it, way too much time has passed. So, I think it's about time that I start putting some thoughts out there in "blog" world.

First off, let me tell you a little about myself. I'm a stay-at-home mom. I have a wonderful supportive husband, two girls (11 and 10), and we have a dog (an Australian Shepherd, Princess). My main addictions are scrapbooking, rubber stamping, card making, etc. I like to paper craft.

This is Princess. Isn't she cute?

I really wanted to create a blog JUST so that I can post creations that I'm especially proud of. The only problem? I don't have a digital camera. Yes, I know, practically EVERYONE has a digital camera. I will too one of these days. In the meantime, I take photos of my creations with my husband's camera phone. The photos aren't the best, but they'll do for now.
This is a bouquet that I made for my mom for Mother's Day. In the center of the flowers are photos of my girls. I love the way this turned out, and more importantly, so did my mom!

Well, that's it from me for today. Comments are always welcome and appreciated! Talk soon!
Carol (ScrapMomOf2)