Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Emily at 13!

Here's a side view of a special project that I just finished.

I made a mini Bind It All album for my daughter Emily. To celebrate her 14th birthday, I decided to make her a book that focused on her first year as a teenager. I used a fantastic American Crafts Teen Collection that I purchased at Scrapbook Steals! I love Scrapbook Steals!! ♥ This book has 41 pages inside! I cut most of the pages with my Cricut Expression. I love the different shapes and sizes! Most of them were cut with the Accent Essential cartridge. I also used Mini Mongrams. I love the way this turned out, and I think Emily loved it too!!

Here's a look at the first page. It's Emily's 13th birthday cake. You can see the cool shapes of the pages! Plus, I love how when you're looking at a smaller page, you can see lots of other pages in the book. I love the colors in this American Crafts Teen Collection.

I put photos only on the front sides of the pages, and I pretty much just put short captions and dates on the backs of the pages. This way, if Emily wants to write something about the photo on the page, she can!

I used lots of flowers, flair pieces, and ribbons in this too. The American Crafts Teen Collection ribbon is so cute too!

Love the flair on this one. It says "rock on", and it's on a page with Emily listening to her iPod. Love the iPod sticker!! In fact, I love the funky harlequin print on this page too.

This is a photo of Emily receiving her first iTunes gift card. The bag was weighed down with rocks from my MIL's Arizona landscaping. Very funny!!

This page had to be special, because it's Emily's favorite photograph from 2009!! Jessica asked me to take a picture of her jumping off the saucer swing. I did, and silly Emily jumped into the photograph! The expression on her face is hilarious! I also love that Princess is standing there no doubt wondering why someone isn't throwing her ball! These girls are the best!!

Here are the girls and I with our ginormous slushies from Speedway! We emailed this photo to Dave. He was out of town, and he is the one that normally take the girls to get slushies. He couldn't believe we would go get slushies without him. It was Jessica's idea! It really was!!

In 2009, Emily got her first pair of glasses. Isn't she cute? I love the smaller pages in the book, because you can see so many of the awesome paper patterns behind it!

Love this photo! Jessica was also in the photo, but I cropped her out and enlarged the photo. I wish you could have seen the look on Jessica's face when I told her that I cropped her out! It wasn't good! She forgave me! I made a copy of the photo before I cropped her out. Just so you know that I'm not that mean!!

Dave and Emily were pointing out that the Diet Cherry 7-Up that they're drinking has "antioxidants"!! Ever since we saw the Alton Brown Welch's commercials were he talks about antioxidants and antioxidant power, we just love saying "antioxidants"!! We're crazy!

This is the last page in the book. It's a photo I took of Emily the night before her birthday! It's her last day as a 13-year-old. On the back cover, I wrote her a personal note!! ♥

So, that's just a glimpse of the pages in this 41-page mini album!! I had so much fun making it, and I think giving Emily a look at a year of her life was a great idea! It can't even begin to let her know everything that she did as a 13-year-old, but it can make her smile and laugh at her first year as a teenager!

I hope you're having a great day. Thanks for stopping by!


AmyG said...

It looks fabulous!! Congrats on finishing it! You are such a sweet Momma!!! ;)

Regina Easter said...

wow wow wow wow what a fabulous project, such a treasure...your a great mom...hugs

Belinda said...

That's a great book, and a great idea. Making a book about the first year of being a teenager is perfect for a girl.

Emily and my Austin share the same birthday, and boy, do I wish he was 13 again. He turned 19 yesterday!

Tell Emily I hope she had a Happy Birthday!

Lora Oliver said...

This is so wonderful. What a special gift. I love how you were able to catch a moment in her life and put it together so beautifully. She is a lucky kid to have such a creative and loving mom.

Chris said...

this turned out so good! i love the different sizes and shapes of the pages!! and the paper is so pretty, perfect for emily!! i just know that she loved it!! you are the best-est mom!! >"<

Jean said...

What a special book! I know she will treasure it for years!

Alex said...

What a fabulous book, so girly and fun!!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

BrendaB said...

What a great gift, Carol! I'm your your DD will really treasure this!

Brenda said...

OMGOSH...NO WAY!!! HOW do you do all that you do Carol?!!!
This is soooo awesome! Love how you did the pages! And the colors ohhhh sooo pretty!!
You should share this with the BIA site!
you are awesome!!!

Chris C said...

What an awesome mini and such a great gift!! She will treasure this forever.

tomiannie said...

Wow, what a labor of love! It's beautiful!

Kaymin Kantina said...

Wow Carol, this is just amazing! What a wonderful keepsake this will be for her! You ROCK as a MOM!!
Hugs & Happy Days!

JoanneK said...

This is a beautiful gift, one she will treasure always!

Lauren said...

Emily is such a doll! This book is so perfect. I know it will be a treasured keepsake as she gets older.

Audrey Yeager said...

Carol what a precious precious gift!!! I love what you did with this album, and your photos are so much fun!!!!

Mara... said...

what a fun, fun book Carol!!! She will treasure it forever, I am sure!! The bright colors are perfect for a teenager album.

Sharon said...

Such a cute project. Any girl would love this.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet, sweet book for your daughter. Happy birthday Emily!

Pretty-In-Ink said...

Carol! This has to be my favourite project of yours EVER! and I love everthing that you do!
This is awesome and so special!
I love the different sized pages, all the cute stories and the last page of Emily being 13! so cool!
You are a fantastic scrapper!

Melissa said...

WOW Carol, that is magnificent!! Did you make the pages and bind the book yourself?? It's a keepsake!

Catherine said...

What a fun & fab project!!! Love that photo of the 3 of you sipping! HB, Emily!

Liz said...

This is GREAT! I completely and totally have to do these for my girls... I'm sooo behind on getting pictures printed and actually sitting and scrapbooking... so sad :(