Wednesday, July 16, 2008

T-Shirt Designers

I promised to show you the t-shirts that the girls made . . . here they are! They were both given white t-shirts to design. The first thing we did was dye the shirts. Emily's dye kit was black . . . not sure what happened. It looks fabulous though!

On the front, they both did negative images. I cut a huge flourish and a huge heart using my Cricut Expression!! I did "fit to page", and it cut them as large as it could on a 12x12 page. Awesome! So, we put the images down, taped them in spots, and then painted over them. When they were lifted . . . negative image. Cool! Jessica added the words "fun" and "go green". She used some alphabet foam stamps. Emily added the word "love" inside her heart, and she stamped a flourish off to the side, but they're difficult to see in this photo.

On the back, Jessica stamped "live, laugh, love", flourishes, some dots, etc. Cute design. Emily stamped her name, some flourishes, and a couple of hearts.

Emily stamped a flourish on each sleeve. Once again, it's difficult to see. It's cute though!

You can see the word "fun" better in this photo!

Here they are at the library waiting for the competition results. They actually walked down a "runway" and modeled their shirts for everyone. It was so cute! All of the kids did such a great job!

I'm happy to say that Jessica's "fun / go green" masterpiece won 2nd place! She won a $10 Border's gift card! Nice! I think they did an awesome job with this project!

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Alexandra said...

Their shirts are awesome Carol and they look great in them!! Whoohoo, a Borders GC, SCORE!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

malieta said...

Your girls T-shirt project is a winner and I love the finished projects! Way to go girls!!!

Mel M. M. M. said...

They did an amazing job! I love that the gals could use your cricut to make t-shirts. SO awesome! :0)

My Paper World said...

You two girls are just gorgeous!
Love your cute T's! xx

Chris said...

those t-shirts are sexy, i'm tellin' ya!!! they did an awesome job!!!

Latisha said...

way to go girls!!!

~KRISTY~ said...


Kristine said...

OH FUN!! How funny to do it backwards on the backside of them :) lol. CUTE!

Deborah said...

Oh those girls! Hugs to both of them! Deb