Thursday, September 23, 2010

Summer 2010

We're issuing some awesome assignmentz and challengez at Scrap-Friendzy's Scrap University!! This is my challenge for an extra credit assignment called "Dean's List!" Here's what our Scrap U studentz needed to do to make the Dean's List:

  1. Journal as a list!
  2. Since summer is ending . . . include photos from THIS summer!
  3. Include FIVE OR MORE photos!

Not too difficult . . . right!?! My layout features twelve photos, and instead of it being a Summer Top 10, it's a Summer Top 11!! I totally think of Spinal Tap when I say that! Anyway, I love the way this turned out!

I hope you're having a GREAT day! Thanks for stopping by!


mustangkayla said...

Wow Carol! Fantastic layout! LOVE the top 11 list and how you coordinated them with little number stickers! Love that flourish stamp too! Fun layout! I need to do this!

Crayola58 said...

Fantastic set of photographs. Honestly, Carol, I know you think every day "how can my girls be growing up so fast" because they are, right in front of our eyes. Sweet sweet girls.

Melissa said...

Oh Carol, another wonderful layout. I love all the pictures and embellishing you did.

creativeprincess said...

I love that you used many photos. I believe scrapbooking has to get back to the core of it all...the photos themselves!

Scrapronicity said...

I think of Spinal Tap too!! You are too funny. What a beautiful layout Carol...I need to catch up with your blog, you always have GREAT projects!!

Stacey said...

So cute! Love all the photos!