Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Halloween Project!

I have another Halloween project to show you today. My girls and I worked on these decorations. We made "witches' brooms" with lunch-size paper bags. The other paper bags (in the center above) are smaller, were purchased at Michael's, and we're going to make those too, fill them with candy, and use pretzel rods for the handles. I'll show you those sometime before Halloween! I also got out some raffia. I got the raffia from a corporate gift basket that my husband received a while ago. Gotta love that . . . it was FREE!

Cut the bags in thin strips. Do not cut into the bottom of the bag.

Take a second bag, and cut thin strips down 2" - 3". This will be your inside bag.

Here's just a close up of the inside bag with the shorter cut strips.

The outside bag needs to be opened. You will open the inside bag, and place it on top of this bag. If you want, you can fill the inside bag with candy. We filled ours with plastic bags from the grocery store, because we want ours to be a decoration.

Gather the outside bags with all of the strips cut, and tie all of the strips together with the raffia. My girls were working on this too!

I then got out all of my Halloween stamps (there are dog stamps in one of the containers too!), scraps of patterned paper (we all ended up using the Rusty Pickle scraps!), a black ink pad, and a paper trimmer (thank goodness I got that paper trimmer for FREE, because it kinda stinks!)

We all stamped a couple of image, cut them to size, and then tied them to our brooms! The last touch was a stick for the broom handle. I picked these up off the ground while taking Princess for a walk. I was worried about embedded bugs, so I washed them in VERY hot water with soap. You can click on the photo to see them larger. They turned out really CUTE!

Here they are outside on a bench on our front porch. In the two photos above, they were created by (from left to right) Emily, me, and Jessica.

Here they are in front of our fireplace (yes, our fireplace is empty! We need some gas logs!) This time they were created by (from left to right), Jessica, me, and Emily. Aren't these fun!?! Be sure to click on the photos to see them larger! We'll be making the candy bags with the pretzel rod handles soon! I'll be sure to post them!

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Great idea! These would be perfect little treat bags, so clever!

Crayola58 said...

Very cool stuff, my friend.

Catherine said...

Such a cute & fun Halloween project, Carol! And how fun to be crafting with you girls!

Belinda said...

Good idea, Carol. Very cute. I'm going to refer some people from my blog over to Crazy for Crafting tomorrow to take a look.

LotsToScrap said...

These are super cute Carol!!! I can't wait to try these with my kids~

DeeDee said...

What a CUTE idea! I love it! HUGS!

Chris said...

oooh, i love these!! so flippin cute! >"<

Anonymous said...

These Halloween treat bags are very cute and fun!