Saturday, March 22, 2008

Birthday Wishes & Other Fun Things!

First off, Happy Birthday to my brother Tom, and my sister-in-law Kristine! Interestingly enough my only brother and Dave's only sister share the same birthday! My brother has never visited my blog (he's never on a computer), but I'm wishing him a Happy Birthday on here anyway! Happy Birthday Tom! Happy Birthday Kristine!

Next, here is a card I made for Sharon's funny card challenge. I certainly thought this was funny! I don't agree with Stamping Bella's attitude, but she's certainly entitled to her opinion!! I just love the way this card turned out! I don't have any Bellas. I got this image either in the image swap with some of my SBS2 sisters, or I got it from my secret sister Lori T. I'm sorry, I don't remember exactly where it came from, but I do appreciate having received it!!

On yesterday's post for my blog candy draw, I asked you to post a current photo of yourself. I didn't want to challenge YOU to do something that I'm not willing to do myself. So, just to show you that I am willing to do it myself, I took this photo of myself! I am holding my digital camera at arm's length! This is me yesterday!! Now, this is a CLOSE UP!! I want to give HUGE kudos to Dawn at Buggin' Around, because she posted a photo of herself right away yesterday! She didn't want to (I have no idea why . . . I think she looks nice!), but she did it anyway! Great photo Dawn!!

I discovered that I can turn my photo into a black and white photo when I "fix" it in my Windows Photo Gallery viewer! Hello! I didn't know this! I selected to "adjust color", and I removed all of the "color saturation". This is fantastic! I'm going to copy some photos, remove the color, and then send them to SnapFish to print. I can't wait to see how they look when I get them back! I'm very excited about this! My goodness, doesn't my skin look flawless in black and white?!!

In Friday's post, I also mentioned being inspired to create a card or a layout by an ad in a magazine. After I posted, I went in search of an ad. Here's what I found, and my card follows.

I was going to use an ad in a scrapbooking magazine, but I decided to use one in a regular magazine. So, I came across this ad for Lowe's (a home improvement store). I love the three flowers, the stems, and the white background. I used an Autumn Leaves acrylic swirl stamp for the flower stem. The stem didn't have any stalks for the three flowers, so I drew them all by hand. The flowers are Primas. The "thanks a lot" is from a Michael's $1 acrylic stamp set. The ribbon I just got at Target on clearance. It's really rough and textured! I'm absolutely thrilled with this card! The ad really inspired me! What fun!

So, that's it from me! Have a wonderful Saturday! Thanks for stopping by!!


Andrea, said...

Fabulous card, love the sentiment. Have a good Easter

Crayola58 said...

How cute.... I love the Lowe's Inspired Card. I like that name maiden name was Lowe. I should have gotten under the studio counter and dug around in the one milliion piece stash that I keep for my Altered Books. I know I have tons of ads that would inspire. Heck, I can look almost anywhere and think of a card to do. Happy weekend, Carol....

Dawn said...

Great photos of you Carol both in b/w and color. - I am extremely jealous of your eye color!!! Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! And thank you so much for your compliment. You are so sweet and kind AND extremely creative. I enjoy visiting your blog soo much and appreciate you sharing with all of us!

How awesome is that bella card - that sentiment is just tooo funny! I don't have any bellas either but I just might need to find that one - LOL.

I love the card inspired by the Lowe's magazine ad - very nice. I don't think I am going to get to that one, I never managed to get my craft room clean so officially I do not have working space at the moment.

Happy Saturday!

pescbrico said...

I so love the sentiment you've put on your first card! Too funny!

Sadie B said...

Great Bella card & love how you were inspired by the picture in a magazine. I once saw a skirt in Laura Ashley's that inspired me.
Thanks for the comments about the penny roll card. I think in the US you call them 2 cents cards.

You take 2 pennies & glue them together with a button that is slightly smaller in between them. I use silicone glue, this is your slide mechanism.
Then you need to cut out a slot, make sure that the slot is the same width as the button, as the button rolls along this slot.
Make sure you leave about a 1.5cm gap either end of the slot (the edge of the card).
You can then decorate the card how you like & stick anything to the penny, I have used a frog before & on my blog you can see a flower one with more photos.
I also decorate the back of the penny.
You then slot the penny mechanism in to the slot so that the button is on the slot & the pennies are either side holding it in place.
You then just tilt the side to side & feel the smile develop upon your face.
I hope this me if you have any more questions, I picked up the technique from a workshop & so not have instrustions.
Hugs - Sadie xx

Alexandra said...

Love that bella card, totally cute! And your inspiration card is gorgeous, love those flowers! As for your picture, well, you are beautiful Carol! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

kathleenh said...

You look great Carol! I have changed my photos to black and white and printed them through Snapfish many times.

Anna Jones said...

Your card brought a giggle out. My 2 yr old asks, what's so funny mom?
How do I explain :-)

Nice self portrait!

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh my gosh!!! This is too funny Carol!! I love it!! That stamp is just too cute!! Thanks so much for participating in my blog candy challenge! Best of luck with it! (like you need anyone to wish you luck! LOL)

Love your picture!!! And it looks awesome in the black and white too! But I think I like the color better cause it shows off your gorgeous eyes.

Happy Easter Carol! hugs!

Adam said...

What a GREAT card! The sentiment is AWESOME!

scrapnnMO said...

Beautiful card and inspiration! :)

scrapnnMO said...

Oh I forgot GORGEOUS photo of yourself Carol!

My Paper World said...

Wow! That's one very CUTE and FUNNY card Carol! I LOVE it!
LOVE both the photos too, and your fabulous flower card!
Hope you are having a great weekend!
Nicola xx

Helen & Co. said...

Made me laugh out loud!!! and my mum :)

Rima said...

Carol I love your Bella card, it def made me laugh :)

Great photo (both versions)

Happy Easter... our girls just woke up & squealed coz the Easter Bunny had been & there were lots of easter eggs all over the loungeroom & the outside :) well I had better go & stop them eating them before they have breakfast lol


Helen & Co. said...

Hi - me again - I did it!! Photo of me on blog now...

Deb said...

fantastic card, it is such fun, love the one from the advert too, what a great idea. Great portrait photos!

Deborah said...

Too funny Bella with her suitcase! Hubby better re-ink this one! He he!
Great shot of yourself, when I do that I end up looking like a alien! Your inspiration ad is great and the card you made from it is even better! Deb

Lisa said...

Cute cards!

Samm said...

Gorgeous cards and what a fab photo!!!!


Bouncy, Flouncy, Fun,Fun, Fun said...

I love the Bella card, Carol! It made me laugh! It's just too cute!

Your new pictures are awesome. I can never get a good picture of me by taking it myself! What's your secret?

Love the colors on the second card. Good job with the inspiration piece! Looks great!

Hope you and your family have a Happy Easter!

Wife2TJ said...

I Love, love, love your bella card!!!

Chris said...

i my other life i use to be a photographer. one of our little tricks to get rid of wrinkles and so forth in your face was to put on a soft focus lens. you can add a soft focus to your photos on shutterfly. i use this alot...not sure about snapfish, i never used them b4...happy easter!!

Fe-Fe said...

Love the first card, that made me laugh out out loud.

The photo of you came out great, love the colour one and the black and white.

Great ad inspired card. I must have a go at that.

Lesli said...

Wonderful Card - Love the photos - Happy Birthday to both Brother and Sister-In-Law. My you have been busy :)

Cindyg said...

Love the cards!!!! And the stamping one is a riot!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG how funny is the sentiment on that
Love your ad challenge card too you are so clever its brilliant :D
As for the photos what a truly stunning lady you are... in colour OR b/w. Don't think even taking the colour out of a pic would make ME look that good. You go girl!!

Alex said...

Your photos are cute, and yes you are right I think black and white photos rock cause we come out blemish free!!!! lol

I love both your cards they are gorgeous


SBS2 Sister xx

Lauren said...

That stamping card is too funny. Thanks for sharing the pics of yourself too!

Cathrine StClair said...

Cute! I love the orange. Using the magazines is so fun huh?