Sunday, October 28, 2007

If you sell your handcrafted items . . .

. . . how do you decide WHAT to charge? I'm sending in my application next week for a craft fair. It's $25 to participate, and they're giving priority to those that participated last year (I did NOT join last year), so there's no guarantee that I'm getting a space. However, IF I do get a space, how do I price things? I posted a Snowman card a few days back. What would I charge for this card? PLEASE let me know your thoughts! Here's the card again:

I've been working on more cards this weekend, and I'll get them posted in the next couple of days, but basically, so far, they have all been about the same amount of effort. Once I make a design, I'm going to make it 4 times, but they're all unique so far. I've changed them up by not using the same ribbon twice. So, even though the card looks the same, the 4 designs have 4 different ribbons. Anyway, what do I charge for these? I'm going to include the envelope (obviously), and I'm probably going to put them in one of those sealable cello bags (I still need to buy those). PLEASE give me your thoughts. I would really appreciate it!

I feel like once I determine card prices, the rest will fall into place. I'm going to make Bind It All journals (4x4), and I'm going to make "Snowman Soup" gifts (hot chocolate, mini marshmallows, candy cane, plus a cute poem), and whatever else I have time to make! I'm also planning on some altered jars. I just need to figure out pricing!!

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malieta said...

Hi Carol!
I love your snowman card! From what I have seen on Etsy and other various places, most cards sell within a range of $1.50 - $2.50.

Helen & Co. said...

I've been asked to do 2 card fairs this Christmas, and I charge £1.50 for my cards.This seems to be an OK price as they sell at this price, and some people have even said I should charge more (and sometimes overpay me!)Good luck with it!

Andrea said...

I agree with Helen, I tend to charge around the £1.50 mark maybe a little more for special cards and commissions, however saying that I don't have to pay a fee to have a stall, I donate a percentage of what I make to the charity.
Good luck with your stall

Clare said...

Pricing you cards for sale is always difficult. I try and think how much I would be prepared to pay for a particular handmade card, and then set accordingly. I would guess around the $3 mark would be reasonable,but the exact amount would vary depending on the time spent/complexity of the card and the cost of the materials/embellishments. Good luck, I'm sure you lovely items will sell really well!