Sunday, October 7, 2007

Garage Sale Story!

The garage sale didn't turn out as well as I would have liked. Garage sales in this area are really popular, and when I've had garage sales in the past, I've made at least $200. That's fantastic, and well worth the effort. This time . . . I only made $83.50! Oh no! It was a HOT and humid day, and it was a lot of work for that amount of money! However, I have a nice donation packed up, waiting to be picked up, and I'll just list more items on eBay.

So, at the beginning of the sale, my neighbor came by with her two children (my girls' good friends), and they wanted to take our girls to walk around and look at the other sales in the subdivision. So, I gave my girls $5 to spend if they saw something that they liked. My husband asked me if I told them not to buy junk, but I told him that I didn't say anything about what to spend it on intentionally. I wanted to see what they would choose without any suggestions or instructions. Well, imagine my surprise when they both came home with something for ME! I was just stunned! I think the world of my girls every single day, and this just shows me that they are truly two fabulous girls. They are thoughtful, sweet, and very kind!

My oldest daughter bought this for me for 25 cents. She knows that I love Halloween, and I love to decorate for Halloween. This is really gorgeous. I absolutely love it! She has good taste, doesn't she?

My youngest daughter bought me this funky, crazy mug! I love it! Totally my style. It's so funny and cute, and I really love it! Once again, it was 25 cents! She also has good taste! I have two new Halloween decorations, and I'm so excited!

My oldest also bought herself a little "rub bug" wooden massager. It's cute and functional! My youngest also bought herself a dog frame for her room for a photo of Princess. I think they did very well, and they brought me home change from $5! I just love my girls! They're really growing up!

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~KRISTY~ said...

how fantastic of the little sweeties to bring you home such fantastic halloween bargains!

Deborah said...

Bummer about your garage sale! They are alot of work! Love the mosaic pumpkin! Deb

Clare said...

Such sweet gifts, and bargains too!

Thanks for the tag, I have put my 7 facts on my blog, although I couldn't find another 7 people to tag (will need to read more blogs I think!)

Scrappy Moments said...

Thats to bad that you didnt do to well on the sale. Your girls both have wonderful taste, how thoughtful of them to think of you too :)


scrapnnMO said...

Ahhhhh these items are sooo cute! Love them both. And yes your dd's have perfect taste! tfs!

tomiannie said...

Aw, your girls are so sweet! Their mama must be raisin' 'em right!