Thursday, January 8, 2009

Award & Jessica's PRIZE!

My wonderful blogging friend Patsy gave me this award! Thank you Patsy! I'm honored! I think your blog is fabulous too!

For this award, I am supposed to name 5 of my addictions and 5 of my favorite blogs. OK!

  1. Papercrafting (Seriously, do I even need to list this one?)
  2. Dave, Emily, and Jessica. Yes, Princess too! My family means EVERYTHING to me!
  3. My computer. I can't help it. I love email, blogs, message boards, etc.
  4. My home. It's my safe haven. It's where I spend time with my family, and it's where I relax.
  5. Reading. I love curling up with a good book!
Favorite Blogs:
  1. Chris - Not only is she talented, but she makes me laugh! We have a lot in common!!
  2. Latisha - So nice and very talented! Her cards are amazing!
  3. Deb - I think Deb is one of the most talented card makers that I visit! Her cards are works of ART! She is also an amazing photographer!
  4. Liz - Happy blogaversary!
  5. ScrapCity - Everyone on the Creative Team gets to contribute to the blog!

Next, I want to show you the awesome prize that Jessica received from Kids Can Scrap! She was getting off the bus yesterday when I checked the mailbox, and you should have seen her face when I told her that the big envelope was for HER!! She was so excited! Jessica won Challenge 3 at the site. She got this wonderful Making Memories mini book kit! It's FANTASTIC. She cannot wait to use it! Thank you to Telah and Nessa from Kids Can Scrap!

I hope you all have a fantastic day! Thanks for stopping by!


Deb said...

Thank you so much for giving me this award, I am so touched by your kind words!

I am so thrilled for Jessica, how lucky! Such a fabulous prize, hope you can show what she makes with it!

Sharon Caudle said...

Congrats on the award Carol, and what a fun day for Jessica! I can only imagine how her eyes lit up when she discovered the kit was from her! have a wonderful day today! hugs to you!

wendy said...

That really is a nice prize from kids can scrap, she'll have fun with that!

Very fun award :). I'll have to get going on that! Thank you :)

Fe-Fe said...

Pasty is right your blog is fabulous! A well deserved award Carol.

Congratulations to Jessica. That looks like a fab kit. I'm sure she'll have lots of fun creating that.

Fe x

Chris said...

i would like to thank carol for the award ....i would like to thank my financial supporter, the hubs and i would like to thank latisha for making me do the blog!!!LMAO >"< looks like a great mail day for jess!!! i'm so jealouis!!

Judy said...

Congratulations -- a well deserved award for your blog is truly fabulous.

And way to go Jessica -- Congratulations. It's so much fun to get goodies in the mail.

malieta said...

Congratulations on your award Carol. Yes your blog is fabulous and a joy to visit! Congratulations to Jessica as well...WTG!!!!

Alex said...

Congrats on your award Carol, very much deserved, my friend!! And, how cool is that prize - can't wait to see what she does with it!


Tricia said...

congrats on the award girlie but it doesn't surprise me in the least! You always post such inspirational stuff!!! I am tickled that your DD is so gungho with the scrapbooking like you. Great that she was rewarded too!!!!

Crayola58 said...

Congrats on your award, Carol. I love your blog too.
And oh my, give hearty congrats to that darling Jessica for her win. How exciting....

Latisha said...

You are so sweet, I'm sick right now, so in between taking my meds and unpacking I will post this on my blog in a few days :)
A big congratulations to Jessica, she scored!!