Monday, January 26, 2009

Photo Challenge

My wonderful blogging friend Fiona issued a photo challenge! I gladly accepted! Here's my photo!

I had no idea what I was going to end up with! The challenge is: in the 6th folder, take the 6th picture, and post it on your blog. Write something about the picture. Challenge 6 new people to join in this challenge. OK! This is the 6th (and last) photo in my 6th folder! This is a snow photo from January 14th. The previous day, I had just gotten our driveway COMPLETELY cleared off. The sun had come out, and the concrete was clear and dry. The next day? This happened! Yes, it's pretty, but what did it mean to me? More shoveling!! This was a FUN challenge Fiona! (Go check out Fiona's photo!! It's fantastic!!) Thanks!

OK, I have to challenge 6 bloggers to do this now! I'm going to challenge: Becky, Chris, Clare, Lesli, Sharon, and Wendy! Should be interesting!! I have a guest designer page to post later! I just need some natural light first! Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!


Fe-Fe said...

Now that's what I can snow! Makes the tiny bit we had look a bit poor! Lol. Great photo. Thanks for sharing and playing along.

Fe x

Jennifer said...

I can't wait until Spring/Summer...I hate being cold and we've had a hell of a winter already! BLAH!

Nice pic tho!

Sharon Caudle said...

Oh what a FUN challenge Carol! I'll do it tonight after I get home from work! hmmm....wonder what the heck I'll find! LOL! Your pic is awesome and it looks sooooo COLD! BRRRR!!!! Stay warm my friend! thanks for the fun!!

Becky said...

Love your photo Carol! We haven't seen that much snow in a few years! Its calling for 2-4 inches tomorrow-I hope we get it!!

I posted my pic this morning! What a fun challenge!!

Risa Malieta W. said...

What a fun challenge and such a beautiful picture of the snow! TFS!!!

Catherine said...

Oh my! How did I miss this? I'll tell ya - so busy lately, I'm obviously not keeping up with my blog visits!
This is pretty much the picture here in NE Ohio today - plus a few inches. Only 2 more months of winter to go (I hope I didn't jinx it! We've had snow in April before!)
Hope you are staying warm & cozy with Princess! Charlie is just having a ball! Crazy critters!
Catherine :D