Friday, December 19, 2008

Miscellaneous and School's Closed

I have some crafty stuff to show you, but it's too gloomy and dark to take photos, so I'll have to show it to you later. The girls had their Winter Concert last night. It was great!! They are both in choir, Jessica is in Concert Band, and Emily is in Symphonic Band. All three groups were fantastic! Here are my girls! Aren't they CUTE?

Now for the bad news? School was canceled because of the weather. I guess the school was having a problem with the power. (Thank goodness our power is fine.) We had a winter storm last night, and it's continuing into today. Freezing rain and sleet have been coming down. Yuck! So, school was canceled. The girls were all ready this morning before the call came in. I told them, and they were NOT happy about it. This would have been the last day before Winter Break, and the school has a HUGE assembly today, and because they're in choir and band, they would have been having a lot of fun performing for the entire school. They were really looking forward to it. I'm sad for them because they miss their favorite day at school, but I'm happy that I don't have to worry about them out in a school bus on messy / potentially slippery roads! So, we'll just have to have some holiday fun today, don't you think? BTW, I did not make my girls pose for a "sad" photo -- they wanted me to take it! We're putting it in the 25 Days Until Christmas book!

More miscellaneous . . . I had my van in for front brakes, and of course, something else was wrong with it! After spending about $850, the van is good to go. Could the timing be any worse on spending that much money on a vehicle? I don't think so! Then yesterday, I took it in for an oil change, so it's truly good to go! (I have lifetime free oil changes at the dealer where I bought it, so that's why the oil didn't get changed when it was in for repair.) So, that's all done! Well, I need to figure out what we're doing today, and I should probably go scrape all of the ice off my van before the temps drop more and make it worse! I hope you all have a wonderful Friday. How are those holiday preparations going? Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!!


DeeDee said...

OMG!!! Poor girlies!!!! They look so very sad and pitiful....I want to just hug them!!! I'm sure their sweet Mama will cheer them up though!!! Yall have FUN today!!! HUGS!!!

Chris said...

i'm glad they had a great choir concert!! we skipped ours...i know we are bad. your terrible weather is on the way to me, suppose to get 6-10 in later today. maybe a foot of snow on monday too...gonna be a white christmas!! have a good day! >"<

Lauren said...

I'm sorry the girls don't get to do their show!!!! They are so cute in the pictures. I hope Santa is good to them!

Patsy Jackson said...

Hi Carol

Sorry to hear about your side - I hope it's getting much better now :)

Oh your poor girls! Their faces say it all lol! It's a shame they missed their last day and concert.

I can't believe all the snow you are having - we had some recently too - it's unbelievable!

I hope you have a lovely Christmas, Carol!

I am loving your 25 days until Christmas book - what a good idea! I'd love to do one, one year!

Patsy x

Fe-Fe said...

That's a shame your lovely girls didn't get their last day at school. How disappointing for them.

It was my two's last day today too, they finished early at 2pm. I forgot to take the teachers gifts in this morning though so I had to bring them at home time instead. Whoops! Which reminds me I must put the photos of those on my blog!

Hope the weather gets a bit better for you although it would be kind a nice to have a white Christmas wouldn't it?!

Fe x

~KRISTY~ said...


Sharon Caudle said...

LOL!! When I looked at the first photo, I was thinking "they always look soooo happy!!!", and then I panned down to the next picture, and I'm like...whoops...can't say that! LOL! Until I read your post. heehee.... So sorry they didn't get to go to the last day. I'm sure that was a huge let down to them. Hope you had a wonderful day at home though! Stay warm! HUGS!

Crissy said...

Awww...poor girls! That is the worst possible day for the school to be closed, why couldn't it happen on a big test day or something. That picture is great!

Deborah said...

Oh those mugs are just too much on your girls! I am sorry their day had a change of direction, but you must admit this picture is priceless! Ouch on the van! Did you girls do some baking? Merry hugs, Deb

Judy said...

That sad photo is great.

$850 for car repairs is never fun but right at Christmas? Ouch, that hurts!

Sorry you are having such lousy weather. Stay in and keep warm. It was 70 degrees here yesterday and supposed to be in the 60's today. But then tomorrow --- our high is only going to be in the 30's. Crazy weather.

Crayola58 said...

I had the same reaction as Sharon....what is UP, those girls are always shining in the world. I love that you took a photo and explained their disappointing day.
Gloomy or not, they are precious dahlin's....
Doncha just hate those car repairs. I had a car once that had a magic repair number. It was always $750.
Stay warm, Carol...Brrrrr.

Liz :) said...

oh no! They look so sad, mine would have been glad for an extra day off before break.. haha