Thursday, December 11, 2008

More 25 Days Until Christmas!

I wanted to show you some more pages in my "25 Days Until Christmas" book.

On this page, Jessica and Emily did the journaling. They journaled about the decorations that they decided to put out on December 4th. We do our decorating slowly when we have time, and they both selected particular items to put out, so I had them journal about it, and I took photos of the decorations.

The backside of that page also includes some general journaling about that day, and you can see Day 5, which is a little file folder. Jessica asked me to take that photo of her and Princess! Silly girls!!

Here's a close-up of the Day 5 page.

In the meantime, Emily was hard at work on yet another school project. She had to put together a "family tree" poster. So, I snapped a couple of photos of her while she was working on it. On the back side of the file folder, I also have a cute photo of Dave snoozing on the couch, but he didn't think the photo was cute, so I'm not showing it to you!!

Well, Saturday, December 6th is when I coughed and hurt my side! It's crazy that I'm actually journaling about that! Anyway, there was snow on the ground, and Emily let Princess out, and when Princess came in, Emily snapped a photo of her. Emily still needs to caption the photo. I love it that Emily and Jessica are getting involved, using the camera, and snapping photos of things that they want included in this book!

On the backside of that page, there are photos of Dave and Jessica shoveling the driveway. I added a little clip that says "buddies". The next page is Day 7, and I didn't take any photos that day, so I added a vintage Santa photo that was in an ad. I love it!

The backside of that page talks about our Sunday, and on the Day 8 page, there is another ad. This one was a Dell ad, and that gingerbreak cookie just made me smile!

On the backside of the Day 8 page, I journaled, and I added an image of the Peanuts gang since we watched the Charlie Brown Christmas special that night.

So, that's it for the book for now. This weekend, I'm going to give it to the girls to add little details. Captions, additional journaling, embellishments, etc. We're having fun with it.

Well, I FINALLY went to the doctor yesterday. I've had a cough way too long, and don't even get me started on my hurt side. So, the doctor told me that if my side doesn't feel better in a few days, that I should go it to get it x-rayed, because he thinks I cracked a rib on Saturday when I coughed! I didn't even know someone could do that! So, I'll see what happens. He also prescribed an antibiotic for the lingering cough. I feel like such a dork! Oh well!

Any big plans for the upcoming weekend? I'm so behind on everything! I need to get in gear and get organized for the upcoming holidays! I hope you have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!!


Chris said...

i LOVE it!! i think you and the girls have done a fab job on your journal!! i have pics of scott sleeping on the couch too, and he also doesn't like them, but until he starts scrapping, he has no control over what i use...LOL that's why all the yucky pics of me have disappeared!!! when you get organized over there, why don't you come over here?? i'll make you any food you want!!! >"<

Liz :) said...

TOOO CUTE! I am loving this idea more and more when I see your pages! :)

Andrea, said...

Oh your journal is fabulous Carol and I love all the photos and writing, a lovely keepsake. I am sorry to hear you are ill, I hope it isn't a cracked rib and you'll be feeling better in time for Xmas

Lauren said...

Fabulous Carol!!! That wood grain look is so rustic and fun.

Savitri said...

Gorgeous, Carol!!! The pages are so nice. I wish I have time for some sort of count down something!

Deb said...

your book is fantastic Carol, I love all the fabulous details, hope your cough improves soon and the pain, you poor thing! We have a xmas fair this weekend which always makes me feel very festive, they sell christmas trees outside the hall and serve mulled wine and mince pies, yum!

Sandie said...

Your journal is fantastic, just love the details. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that you haven't cracked a rib, hope the cough gets better soon too xx

Deborah said...

This is coming along beautifully! Each and every page must be such a fond and dear memory to you all! Merry scrappin'! Deb

Alexandra said...

WOW!! Carol, your books is amazing - I absolutely love it!! And, having the girls participate is awesome!! Girl, I hope you did not crack a rib!!! Take care of yourself! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Sharon Caudle said...

Carol, this book is so fantastic!!!! I love everything about it! I'm sooooo sorry you're having problems with that nasty old cough and I sure hope you're better in no time! And I really hope you didn't crack a rib! Maybe you just pulled a little muscle! I'll keep my fingers crossed! Get well!!! As far as this weekend? WHEW! i'm tired just thinking about everything I've got to do! LOL! Take care my friend! HUGS!!

Bouncy, Flouncy, Fun,Fun, Fun said...

This is such a great idea, Carol! I'm lovin all the pages!

Sorry you're not feeling well. My mom cracked her ribs coughing. I had never heard of it before that. I hope you feel better soon.

Hugs to you,

kathleenh said...

Fabulous 25 days of Christmas Carol! I'm hoping to do this next year.

Michelle said...

This is such a fabulous idea! I think I'm going to do one next year..