Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our Day Off!

So Friday ended up being a fun day for us! The girls and I went outside to scrape off my van. Well, I scraped the van, and the girls goofed around with Princess. And, don't get me wrong, scraping the van isn't actually fun, but watching the girls goof around IS!

Princess was enjoying munching on chunks of ice that I was scraping off of my van! Silly dog!

Isn't this gorgeous? I don't like having the ice, but you have to admit . . . this is really pretty!

Here are my girls! Jessica closed her eyes, but it's still such a cute photo!! It constantly cracks me up that Princess poses for photos!!

Once again . . . this is just so pretty! Look at that ice on the trees!

This isn't so pretty! The ice was SO THICK on the van!

After we were in for a while, we made cookies before dinner. Jessica made peanut butter. Yum!

Emily made a cookie with M&M mini's and small semi-sweet chocolate chips. Yummy again!

Princess is on the rug in front of the kitchen sink. She hopes that something falls on the floor!!

Look at my bakers!! Aren't they cute? We had fun baking!

Then, during dinner, Jessica mentioned that she thought it would be fun for the four of us to do "Secret Santa". We picked names, and we then decided that we would each spend up to $20 on our Secret Santa pick. We all went to Target, split up, and shopped for our pick. It was so much fun! We cannot wait to see what everyone picked out!
I hope you're having a great weekend so far! Thanks for stopping by!


Regina Easter said...

OH MY WORD, THOSE PICTURES ARE GORGEOUS OF THE ICE....looks like your girls were having a great time...

Chris said...

call bush, i know where global warming stops!! LOL i really hate ice. i like your secret santa thing, might have to try it next year. hope your cookies tasted great!!

twinklescrapbooks said...

That photo of Princess is adorable!! The cookie making looked like fun,too!
tina :)

Sharon said...

It sure looks like you and the girls made the best of a day off. My school in Oak Lawn was NOT cancelled so I had to go in but my own kids had off. Go figure!! Have a great Christmas!!

Fe-Fe said...

I just dragged the kids over to look at your photo of the ice on the berries, they are very impressed. It's a beautiful photo. Josh couldn't believe how much ice you have on your van!!

Hope you are keeping nice and warm.

Fe x

Latisha said...

what a fun day!
that is a lot of ice, but you are right it does look pretty

Liz :) said...

YUM Cookies, cause you know I can't get enough of them and I'm making more tonight, I know I'm horrible but I'm addicted! :)haha.. BURRR how cold over there, I hate the cold, but I love that frozen cherry tree pic...