Thursday, November 29, 2007

Harley Fund Jar

I was excited to create an altered jar with a Harley theme, but I'm not thrilled with the way this turned out. I'm going to post it anyway, and I'm going to try to sell it at the craft fair. This is a Miracle Whip glass jar, altered to be a bank.

I used Krylon spray paint for plastic for the lid. The lid was light blue. Then, my husband used a drill, yes a drill, to drill the coin slot in the lid. Harley-Davidson orange flame paper is on the front, and I did "Daddy's Harley Fund" on the computer and printed it on the orange cardstock. Since I've taken the photo, I did add 4 dots of black Stickles to the corners of the sentiment on the front.

On the lid, I cut orange flame paper with my Coluzzle, and then cut the coin slot. Then I added some ribbons around the jar. I'm going to try to get a Vacation Fund jar and a Mommy's Starbuck Fund jar done this week. Thanks for stopping by!!


~KRISTY~ said...


Andrea, said...

Another fab idea, looks great to me

Deb said...

this is so much fun! This would make a great pressie for a little ones Daddy! It is sure to be a hit!

Rita said...

Luv your altered items for daddy. Great blog!

Melissa M. M. M. said...

Way too much fun! I should make one and call it "Mel's Stamp Fund" lol
:0) Mel