Thursday, March 26, 2009

Birthday Goodness!

I had a wonderful birthday! Wednesday is our CRAZY busy night. We don't have time to be together until around 8:30 p.m. So, we did just a few things last night, and there is more to come in the next day or two! I am one lucky lady! I really am! I live a wonderful life, and I am surrounded by amazing people!

I got this card from my wonderful friend, Missy! I love that she picked out a card for me with lots of texture! There is ribbon on the flower pot, popped up pieces, and felt flowers! This card put a huge smile on my face when I opened it! Thank you Missy!

This card was made by Jessica! Seriously knocked my socks off! Jessica is 11. This card shows what a talented crafter she is! It's just amazing! I told her that I know she really, really loves me, because she used up a lot of the epoxy alphabet that she has!! That's love! Can you believe that she put a pin through the ribbon knot?! I just love this card!

This is by Emily! WOW! I love her color combination and the mix of patterned papers! I love that she stamped and detail cut. She also used my threading water punch and distressed! Plus, there are TWO rhinestone trios! I love this card!!

Dave then "ordered" a card from one of the two talented young card makers in the house. Emily ended up filling his "order". She created this for Dave to give to me! What I love is that she designed a love theme instead of a birthday theme, and yet, the balloons ARE for a birthday! This is cute, and I'm flattered that she thinks of Dave and I as love birds!! Love this too!

This was #1 on my wish list, and I got this last night. I hope to watch it on Friday night. I really want Dave to watch it to see what he thinks. I'm curious if someone who is NOT female and who has NOT read the books will actually like this movie! I'll let you know!

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes yesterday! I appreciate every single one of them! Like I said, I am a lucky lady living a wonderful life! I know that, and I'm thankful for that! Thanks for stopping by!


Chris said...

sounds like you had a great day!! the girls did a fabulous job on the the lovebirds!!

Sharon Caudle said...

Your girls are so talented, Carol! those cards are gorgeous! sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! hugs!

Glee said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Carol! It sure made me smile to read that your birthday was a good one and to see those cards from your girls just warmed my heart! You know how much I love them....they are so talented just like their Mom!

Belinda said...

Hi, Carol: I just looked at your Project 365 pictures. You're doing a great job keeping up. I went back and forth about whether to do the Project or not. I decided to wait a year since I was going to be working on (and finishing) my son's Graduation Albums between January and May. I think I'm going to give it a try in the year 2010 though. I'll stop by every now and then and check on your Project.

Deb said...

Happy Belated birthday Carol, you got some beautiful cards! I must get the book I keep hearing about this book and movie but not seen it yet!
have a great evening, hugs Debx

Anonymous said...

You are a lucky lady! Such beautiful cards and beautiful people in your life. Let us know how your dh liked the Twilight movie!

Lauren said...

Your girls are so talented!!! Enjoy watching the movie.

Alex said...

Sounds like a fabulous birthday Carol!!! You are being spoiled, isn't is wonderful??!! The cards are great, how nice to be able to special order cards right in your own home, lol!! Enjoy the movie - Tony and I are watching this together this weekend, and I too am curious to see what he thinks (of course, I have seen it, but I have no problem watching it again!)


Maria said...

Awesome RAKs Carol. How nice to receive such pretty cards.

I watched Twilight with my husband and daughter and my husband liked the movie but he is a big fan of any type of movies, girl flicks, guy flicks, horror, drama . . whatever!

I recently bought the book and I'm 1/3 done. It explains a lot of things so far that I had questions about the movie. Did you read the book? The movie is a little different from the book but the dialogue is similar.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


Catherine said...

What great cards!
I didn't even know there was a 3-disc version for Twilight! OMGosh, so jealous! Please post on what Dave thinks - I'm curious, too!

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