Friday, September 28, 2007

I'll post a card later today! I promise!

Well, my husband was out the door to work pretty early this morning, and when he leaves, he takes HIS camera phone with him! So, even if I had a card right now (which I don't), I wouldn't be able to get a photo of it anyway! I will post one later on tonight. Stop back by if you get a chance!

I'm STILL packing eBay packages to be mailed. The money trickles in SLOWLY, and I want to be a FAST seller, so I'm packaging and going to the post office every day. Five boxes on Tuesday, four on Wednesday, four more yesterday, and I have at least three today. Plus, I'm still waiting for money for the rest before I can mail them. My post office is VERY close to my house, so it's not that big of a deal to go there every day this week. For my next listings, I'll be doing PayPal only (I won't have to wait for money orders to come in the mail), and I will ship only two days of the week. I still have LOTS to list, and I'm also getting ready for a garage sale on October 6th. I just want to remind you all that a flooded basement was the reason for all of this activity, reorganizing, and decluttering! Our basement is actually going to be a pretty cool place to hang out when this is all over and done with! It all just takes time though. Wouldn't it be great if magic wands were real? I could just flick my want, and it would all be done! What a crazy dreamer I've become!

Thanks for stopping by! I'll post a card later today . . . I promise!

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Deborah said...

Nice to check out your blog! What is your ebay store's name? Perhaps Santa can bring you a digital camera for Chrismas this year, if you only use the camera phone! Bet you can find a great deal on line at Best Buys! Walmart has them for under $100.00! You are your hubby are so cute! Take care and I look forward to ypour next post! Deb